“A compelling memoir revealing the heart and mind of a leading venture capitalist who shaped the industry. Chuck Newhall shares unflinching stories – both personal and professional – that shed light on how venture capitalists over the past half century have contributed to America’s ascendance as an entrepreneurial power.”



Why the venture capitalist is important

No one has ever explained how a venture capitalist plays an active role in creating world changing companies. Dare Disturb the Universe tells stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly of creating companies and explains how the venture capital industry created 80% of the American Economy and how the industry faces the chance of significant legislation which could severely damage it. Venture Capital is different from leverage buyouts and hedge funds – it needs to be regulated in an entirely different way.

Because they often hire the senior management, help develop the business model, introduce the company to its largest customers, and provide governance. It is a role akin to becoming an entrepreneur, not just an investor.