Here you will find everything Charles W. “Chuck” Newhall. The Author, Vietnam Veteran and Venture Capitalist shares his lifelong experience through his books and speaking.

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Jim Swartz, Founder, Accell

"Love the book [Dare Disturb the Universe]... so rich, so authentic, so you. It was hard to put down. You have uniquely captured the great personalities while telling the deep-down story of our industry. It is a story that has never been told in this depth."

Jim Swartz
Founder, Accell

Frank Adams, Grotech

“Over my 35 years in venture capital, people have often told me how easy the business looks. You just invest in a company, take them public and everybody makes a lot of money. They say. The truth is that happens on occasion but there are way more gut wrenching challenges than victories. It is easy to celebrate magnificent wins in a portfolio, but successful venture capitalists know that the real satisfaction comes from doing the hard work and long hours helping struggling companies become successful. This part of our business is not visible from the outside looking in.”

Frank Adams

Marguerite Gong Hancock, Computer Museum

“A compelling memoir revealing the heart and mind of a leading venture capitalist who shaped the industry. Chuck Newhall shares unflinching stories – both personal and professional – that shed light on how venture capitalists over the past half century have contributed to America’s ascendance as an entrepreneurial power.”

Marguerite Gong Hancock
Computer Museum

Bon French

“Dare Disturb the Universe is a fascinating description of the venture capital industry with a particularly human perspective. While many investors think about data rooms, investment gains and losses, deals per partner, pre- and post-money valuations, etc., the reality is that the venture and entrepreneurial ecosystem is all about people. Chuck Newhall, through the lens of NEA’s forty-year-plus history, relates the very personal and emotional highs and lows that are involved in creating new products, new companies, and new industries. It is a real-life story that is rarely documented.”

Bon French
Adams Street

Joseph L. Galloway, author of We Were Soldiers Once…and Young

"Chuck Newhall's compelling narrative account of combat action in Vietnam takes you to one of the darkest hellholes on earth -- the A Shau Valley in 1968. Just when you thought that the war was over, Fearful Odds packs a punch in the gut you will be feeling for a long time."

Joseph L. Galloway
Author of We Were Soldiers Once...and Young

Soldiers' Stories

Read stories from soldiers who fought and died in the Vietnam War.

See the Gardens

Take a virtual tour through the Newhall’s Brightside Gardens.

Venture Capitalism

The history of venture capitalism as experienced by Charles W. Newhall.

Coping With Pugs

View images of Amy and Chuck’s pugs, who helped him cope with PTSD and inspired his upcoming children’s book.

About the author

Charles Newhall

As an author, Vietnam Veteran, and Venture Capitalist, Chuck has had a life full of both great challenges and admirable successes. His books take readers on a journey through his life starting with Fearful Odds, which recounts his service in Vietnam for which he earned a Purple Heart along with other distinguished medals. As a result of the war, Chuck experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that had a devastating impact on his life, further complicated when his first wife died by suicide. His second book, Brightside Gardens, is the story of building a formal garden with 54 garden rooms, over a 40-year period as a coping mechanism for dealing with PTSD. Chuck’s third book, Dare Disturb the Universe, tells the story of his career as a pioneer in venture capitalism and how his obsession with the New Enterprise Associates (NEA) was a defense mechanism for dealing with depression.